28 December 2015

Good things come to those who wait.

Have you ever had one of those days, where you feel like the world is crashing, you can't find your balance and emotions run through your mind like birds flying south for the winter?

I have.
Numerous times. 
Lean on God. 
Ask for guidance. 

December 23, 2015:

I read Proverbs 23. 
Throughout the chapter I learned to give it to God, there is a lesson in this. Learning to give it to God. 
I am a fixer. I want things done on my own time. When I want them done. 
After reading this passage, I was completely amazed at the ignorance of me, I was amazed that regardless of what I am going through, God always has a plan.

I have been told to give my problems to God many times, to ask for guidance and open my heart. OK, I listen to pretty much every other word of what people say. Because well, my brain functions in this order:
what did I forget, let me look for _______ maybe it's outside.. Aw, how cute look at that squirrel, maybe I should make him a treat, What did I come outside for? I guess I'll feed the animals, we need more food, maybe I should make some more treats for the dogs, and the squirrels, what did I come out here for? Oh, yea my address book ( I walk to my car, slip and I fall, getting my clothing covered in mud. ) crap, I need to do laundry anyway. ( my car is locked) crap, need to go inside to get he keys, I may as well start a load of laundry, crap we are out of laundry soap, I need to run to the store to get more, wait I think I have a coupon for that, let me look.....

On December 23rd, I was feeling lost. 
I needed my feet on the ground and brain less filled with negativity. 
With my mind filled with "things to do" I decided it would be best to do a quick bible study. 
I opened up my Bible and turned directly to Proverbs 23. 
(31 chapters in the book of Proverbs, 28-31 days in a month coincidental? I think not.)
I was so emotionally drained and the problems within me, are fixable. I just needed mental clarity, a path, a sign.... Anything. 

After reading this specific chapter, I was amazed. I felt relieved and healed. Everything started to make sense. 
God is good. Everyday. God is good. 

Here's a list of my favorites for the 23rd. 

4:"Do not wear yourself out to get rich;have the wisdom to show restraint."
9:"Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words."
18: "There is surely a future for you, and your hope will not be cut off."
19:"Listen, my son, and be wise, and keep your heart on the right path."
29: "Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has strife? Who has complaints?"

I also learned a very helpful prayer. This will become part of me. When I am anxious, worried, filled with self doubt or a situation beyond my control, (ultimately we cannot control any situation)

 I have decided this will be my go to prayer:
"Dear Heavenly Father,
Jesus stand beside me. 
Guide and direct my life. 
Teach me what I need to know. 
Help me with my work. 
Let me serve you and others, that I may be worthy of God's grace. Amen"

I'm not what one would call a "bible thump-er" nor do I push my beliefs on others. 
I'm a Christian, I do not attend church regularly because of my insecurities and past shuns. 
Alas, I am a believer. 
I believe there is a God, I believe in angels and I believe that everything happens for some reason or another. 
Everyone has a path, in one way or another we can change our path based on free-will. 
I also believe that God would never harm another just open the eyes of the sinner and point them in the right direction. 
Whether or not that person chooses to listen is on them. (Free-will)

I have Christian friends, friends that study Hinduism, atheist friends, friends that believe in evolution etc etc. 

Each have their own reasoning and believe what that wish due to whatever reasons. I admire that. 

Everyone needs something to look forward too. To lean on in times of need. 

My prayer is for those that do not have a higher power. 
Blessed are those that do not believe, blessed are those that hurt, blessed are those that are lost. 

Much love,
Danal the mom. 
Peace, Love & Rock n' Roll. 

14 December 2015

Life is the fire filled sky

What do you think when you see this photo?
Do you think of God's greatness and his beautiful creations?

Do you wonder how the sky lights the way it does?

Do you wonder why with all the pain in the world beauty prevails?

Do you wonder why this photo was taken?

Do you wonder why fire of the sky is so breathtaking? 

Wonder is a small bit of child-like qualities we still possess as adults. 

Like playing pretend or have an imaginary friend.

Being happy, being filled with wonder and hope and happiness is lost somewhere when adulthood begins. 

We become overwhelmed with life, bills, money and stress. 

When did we lose ourselves.
When do we think being an adult is supposed to be filled with negativity and constant berating, self-hate, negative self-talk and the swirling life we live instead of being happy. 

What happened to happiness?
What happened to wonder?
What happened to our childhood mysteries and open minds?

Life changed us. 
Hate has changed us. 
Inequality has changed us. 
Race has changed us. 
Politics has changed us. 
Sin has changed us. 
Money has changed us. 
Chaos has changed us. 

I hope in the end, when all is said and done, six feet under- as our soul rises we become super heroes and fly through the sky peacefully without pain, without stress, without changes, just wonder and happiness. 

27 November 2015

Evaluation of Life

My life needs a reevaluation. 
I have lost me. 
I realize that I have made several mistakes within this game we call life.
I have failed to follow my gut and instead use my heart. 
The heart is not the best tool to use in this game. 

Life is not easy. 
Nor is love.
I believe that God has opened plenty of doors for me but yet I have slammed them in his face. 
Ignoring the signs, ignoring the pushes, ignoring the hidden agendas among those that I have loved.
I have used my heart, to help others, to mother children other than my own, to have a picture perfect life.
Boy, Have I been wrong. 

It's been said, that the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 
I think I may be insane. 

I have changed. 
Not for the better.
I have lost sight of my priorities and pushed those away that I have needed the most. 
I quit going to church, I quit reading my bible. 
All the things I thought were right, are wrong. 
I'm starting to resent myself for being so selfish. 

I'm angry. 
I miss God. 
I miss my friends. 
I miss me, I miss my children and I miss my family. 
I miss my morals and ethics, my excitement and happiness. 
I miss everything that makes me, me. 

I suppose it does take one to lose everything to realize one's faults.
I feel hopeless, lost and broken. 
Is this what I wanted?
Is this life of continuous war something I am willing to fight any longer?

I'm calling a re-do. 
I'm starting over. 

I will use God as my leader and my gut and my assistant. 

God will not give you more than one can handle, yet another quote I have heard time and time again. 
Well, in lieu of free will, I believe he is here to guide us and when we steer off of our path it's a sign. Most may take it as punishment or blame God. But, I know I am human. Making mistakes is a way of proving to oneself that whatever action happened and consequence occurred was due to free will. 

Life does come with a manual- of sorts. It's called the Bible. 
I have strayed from my manual and attempted to make my own book. This is not what my path is intended, creating my own book is not my purpose. 
I have shunned the one "man" that truly has everlasting love for me, I have ignored the signs and I have paid for this. 

I am humbled to say, this wake-up call came from my son. 
He is an amazing, caring and heartfelt 14 year old. 
I don't know if he realizes that my life is quickly spiraling downward and amongst the fall, he opened up and told me his true feelings. I am incredibly thankful for his words. 
His words have solidified my need for my re-evaluation. 

From this day forward, I vow to put God first and my children second. 
I vow to be the mom they miss, the Christian I once was and the Dana I used to be. 
I vow to go through the doors when they open, not slam them or ignore the signs. 
I vow to be kind and teach my children to shun evil and be fishers of men. 
I vow to continuously improve myself daily, in one way or another. 

True love is a myth?
I disagree, being a mother and having children tell the truth is true love. Knowing that what the children may say will hurt, but letting them express themselves is True love. 

I am thankful God has allowed me to be a mother. 
I am thankful God has given me these two precious angels to help me realize my faults. 

I'm not certain where my path leads, but with baby steps, perseverance and an open mind I will walk this path, day by day. 

Dedicated to my amazing bear cubs. 
I love you eternally. 

11 October 2015


To those that doubt me, spite me and enjoy hurting others:

I have endured an immense amount of pain and trauma during the last two years of my life. 
I feel as though, I am plotted against by those that are broken. 

I am broken, you are broken, we are all broken in some way or another. 

Brokenness can be described in my words: A person without the ability to cope or insufficient abilities or lack of education in coping, a jealous person, a sociopath, a previously abused individual (mentally, physically, or verbally), those that have been bullied, beaten up, drug through the mud, those suffering from mental illness, those that accept the awful hand they are dealt without fighting back, those who think money is everything yet love is nothing, child abusers, naysayers, pessimists, those who manipulate or demand the ability to control every situation. Those whom are addicts smoking, drinking, gambling, porn, compulsive eating, ect. The list can continue forever. 

Those who are broken have choices:   
1. seek help: addictive personalities tend to "cope" by becoming addicted to what make them happy and escape reality.
2. Blame others: historically I have seen this as a trend amongst control freaks, sociopaths and women. 
3: Denial: Some broken individuals, will never realize the state or their brokenness as they continue down the path of evil, these individuals will   Hurt others through slanderous acts, betrayal, lies and manipulation. These broken individuals are the ones, that I feel for the most. When a person can convince another individual of lies and manipulate others without any feelings of remorse, it is scary. 
I am a believer in Christ. 
I believe that through the acts that have been bestowed upon me by a broken one, my life will only achieve greatness. I am a survivor, I am a leader and a fisher of men. I believe the truth always comes out in one way or another. 

I look back at the story of Job. 
Job was a humble man. His life was filled with trials and tribulations but yet he never doubted God. 
He had a purpose. 

I do believe that everyone has a purpose in life. 
I know that my purpose is to help others. 
As, I walk down my path of life I doubt myself A LOT. 
I question whether or not the decisions I make are correct, REPEATEDLY. 

Sometimes I feel as though, I am alone in this gigantic world. 
With the sadness, tragedies and loss I have endured I have come to realize that I am God's child. 
I choose my destination, whether or not I choose the correct path that God has chosen for me, God is with me. Our God is a forgiving God.
Me, not so much. Forgiveness is difficult for me. 
I struggle to forgive those that have hurt me. Those that have slandered me. Those that have made false accusations about me. 

I fail as a Christian, daily. As I am sure we all do. 
We are not perfect, yet we strive to be and fail. 
If you have never failed at anything, you have never tried anything. 

Forgiveness is definitely a set-back for me. 

Why should I forgive people that are so mean, so hateful, so vindictive and spiteful against me?

Because Jesus would. 

This is definitely a life goal to forgive those that have harmed me. 

Sometimes, I wonder why would these things happen to me, why does God have so much faith in me when I do not feel the faith within myself. 

I've been told God, will not give one more than they can handle. 
Wow, he must really think I am Iron Mom. 

As I conclude, I will continue to be the best human I can, I will attempt to forgive those that sin against me (it's a process and I am stubborn), I will continue to help others and help guide those that seek guidance. 

In the meantime, I ask this, who have you not forgiven? Are you broken? What is your coping mechanism after an attack by a broken one? 


17 September 2015

Suicide Prevention week

 Suicide Prevention Week
September 7-13th 2015

In remembrance of those that may have lost friends or family to suicide. 

There are several forms of depression which in severe cases lead to suicide. 

While suicide is a leading cause of death, it is preventable. As a nation, we have a mental health crisis. To reverse the trend of suicide increasing, we need to invest in research, education, and support policy that helps people with mental disorders get the help they need. We need to talk openly and honestly about this serious but preventable health issue.

According to the Mayo clinic, Nationally there is an average of 3 million cases treated each year. 

According to the NIMH, depression can be broken down into the following categories:

Mayor depressive disorder
Persistent depressive disorder
Psychotic depressive disorder
Postpartum depressive disorder
Seasonal affective disorder. 

Depression is not a choice it is an illness typically caused by a variety of different factors such as, genetics, biological, environmental and substance related. 

Signs and symptoms include:
  • Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings
  • Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness
  • Irritability, restlessness
  • Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex
  • Fatigue and decreased energy
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions
  • Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping
  • Overeating, or appetite loss
  • Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts
  • Aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment.

If you are in crisis, and need immediate support or intervention, call, or go the website of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  (1-800-273-8255). Trained crisis workers are available to talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your confidential and toll-free call goes to the nearest crisis center in the Lifeline national network. These centers provide crisis counseling and mental health referrals. If the situation is potentially life-threatening, call 911 or go to a hospital emergency room.


Bear with me...

As I go through various rants, raves, mixers, elixirs and thought processes I have conjured over the years I will be posting them. So be patient. 

This blog is still in process. 

Peace, Love & Happiness,

08 September 2015

Why America is not the greatest country on Earth.

I am, at times, ashamed to be an American.

Jeff Daniels, hit the nail on the head. 

What happened to our country?

Our newest fad: "Black Lives Matter"
News flash: ALL lives matter. 
•red •orange •yellow •black •brown •green •white •ivory
•homeless, barely sheltered, living moderately, middle class, upper class. 
•single families, married families, mixed families. 
•the "crazy", the sane, those suffering and those reaping. 
•police officers, juvenile delinquents, teachers, children, pastors, civilians, military, politicians. 
•lesbian, straight, transgender, bisexuals, gay


We are all people. 
It's called the human race. 
Although it's not a race, we are all human. 

As time goes by, society changes. 
New laws are passed. 
New rules are enforced. 
New public officials are elected. 

What happened to our country?
What happened to respecting your fellow man?

It's so very frustrating to live in a country fueled by hatred, negativity and nonsense. 

If you look back 30 years the society we live in today would not be as so. 
Children had manners, they were taught right from wrong. 
Children were spanked when they needed it, "Spare the rod, Spoil the child" 

But, these days we abide by the rules OUR children make, dare we speak an ill word to them to teach them right from wrong  or raise a hand to their disrespectful mouth.

Parents, Americans, Teachers, baby boomers, What are we going to do about this?

06 September 2015

Life with boys

Just an FYI for parents with boys going through life changes I.e puberty and starting or still attending middle school. 
Middle school is a very difficult time for most kids and parents not just due to change, girls and class-work but due to the non-stop trendsetters, social media and hormone overload. 
They are becoming men. Suddenly. 
They are growing hair, smell bad, want to fit in, getting taller, changing their likes and dislikes, getting bullied, or bullying others, learning new things some good, some bad. 
I have come to discover that all boys regardless their upbringing have the following characteristics: personal huge now depends on the day, you can never buy enough Axe Spray, they rarely wear deodorant, they know everything, they are smart-mouthed beyond belief. They are girl crazy, they never stop eating, they need new shoes every 3 months (trust me),Mine Craft is amazing and they can play it for hours or days if you let them. They suddenly lose homework or are assigned a huge project and it's due the next day, their teachers "hate" them, They love social media: Snap chat, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Flipagram, iMovie, Twitter. They are heart-breaking, drama-filled, hormone infested bottomless pits.
This is my life. 
As this school year comes to an end, and all three boys are now in middle school. I am unbelievably proud of them yet so shocked and surprised at the insurmountable amount of drama that evolves as boys grow and advance in school. 
Don’t get me wrong: my boys are great kids.They do well in school, they are funny, passionate (about whatever trend is trending), animal lovers, kind-hearted, loving and sweet. But there are minutes, days, sometimes weeks where I cannot wrap my mind around their behavior and what is going on in the pubescent head of theirs. 
The top 5 things that drive me insane:
1. All boys smell like feet and/or butt. Their bedrooms, their shoes, (this is wear the new shoes every 3 months comes in) their clothes, the bathroom, the hall-way the list can go on FOR DAYS. No amount of Axe body spray, febreze, deodorant or laundry soap helps this. EVER. 
2. They suddenly take several showers or spend lots of time in their room. Don't ask, don't tell. Don't touch anything in their room that is crumpled into a ball or wonder where your Cosmo went or look for your lotion. Like I said, don't ask!
3. They love Mine Craft! I have tried numerous times to understand this game. "It's educational" I've been told. No, it is not, we do not live in a world of blocks, nor do we live in a world where digging in the dirt and building endless roller coasters, killing ghosts and hanging out with a guy named Steve helps one learn. Unless "Steve" is a tutor I have hired. They repeatedly watch YouTube videos about Mine Craft that last 30 mins each, contain reference profanity that are filmed by a high-pitched male and his accomplice with a strong middle eastern accent. 
4. They never stop eating. When they are not sleeping, they are eating. They wake in the middle of the night to eat, they eat when they get home from school, they eat at school, they WILL NOT eat dinner if it's homemade and nutritious, they prefer Subway or McDonalds. Spending hundreds of dollars a month on food to cook for them is useless, though I do it anyways. The preferred food for most boys is Ramen Noodles. There is even a YouTube video with 100 ways to eat them. I'm sure my boys have surpassed this. All parents need to buy stock in Ramen Noodles (yuck), Hot Pockets and Corndogs. 
5. You are no longer cool and they hate you. No longer are the days where snuggling on the couch or giving hugs and kisses or wiping boogers or tears is appealing to them. They are men, they can handle it. You embarrass them and they are TOO COOL for that. Word to the wise: Hug them anyways, snuggle them anyways, listen to them, wipe their tears, hand them tissues and try not to cry yourself. They are growing up. They do not actually hate you, their hormones are going 3000 miles per hour and telling them this will only make things worse. This too shall pass. 
As a mother and a step-mother of three boys my list is short. But so very true. These boys grow more and more everyday, they are so smart and will continue to grow and get smarter. (though they think they know everything now). They are no longer babies but not yet men. They are my babies and will always have my heart if they want it or not. They are my world and my existence regardless if I'm not cool enough, or if I embarrass them or if I disapprove of the girlfriends, games or their food choices. They will always be my little men. This will pass as time goes by and they will appreciate that I'm such a "mean, boring mom" and grow to be amazing men, fishers of men and when they fall I will help them up. Because they will fall and they will feel as though their life is over. But it won't be, just be patient parents. It won't be like this for long. 

A look back at April 27: weather=chaos

Looking back to April 27, 2011 living in Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

The weather man had called for tornadoes for over a week. 
The entire Southeastern part of the U.S.  was aware of the potential "severe" weather. But not of the devastation that was to come. 

I, a native of Western Oklahoma know my fair share about severe weather, thunder heads, hail, tornadoes, storm cellars, tornado drills, ect. 

Being a then resident of North Georgia, this common-knowledge I was brought up with was a taboo topic in my new home. "We don't get tornadoes, here" was an often heard comment from the locals. 

Boy, were they wrong on this day. This great city I know now as my home was shaken by over    10 tornadoes on this day. Several lives were lost and a city my sisters grew up in was demolished. Their high school was ripped to shreds and one of their high school classmates and his family lost their lives. 

My heart breaks when I think back to this day. 
The frantic mothers calling children, aunts and uncles calling Mom and Pop. 
It was a devastating day. 

From dawn to mid-evening storms wrecked havoc in the North GA/Tennessee Valley. 

School was cancelled early due to severe weather, that most overlooked because "We don't get tornadoes here". 

As, I drove back to my job with my children in tow, I gazed at the sky, bubble clouds as I used to call them back home with a slight tinge of green. 

Oh, No was my first thought. 

I must get to work quickly, it's about to hit. 

As, hail pounded my car, I pulled into my job, kids in tow. I warned the other employees that we must get to the basement immediately. 

They brushed me off. 
"It's just a little rain, we don't get tornadoes here". 
At this moment, my dear friends house was being demolished by trees. Unbeknownst to her, this was only the beginning. 

This day will bring back several negative memories for myself and my family and friends. 
But, also a sense of humility, adoration and love. 

I learned as a new resident to the South. 
We DO get tornadoes here. 
We are not prepared for tornadoes, ever. 
The weather guy really enjoys pulling false alarms on people. 
Mother Nature is NO joke. 

General terminology that all Southerns Need to Know:
•Rain- simple definition water falling from the sky, no potential severe weather, just Momma N watering the land. 
• Thunderstorm- rain, lightening and thunder. Low chance of severe weather unless you are wearing metal and standing on top of a roof. Lightening strikes to people are pretty rare. 
• Severe thunderstorm- rain, lightening, thunder, hail, wind. 
This type of weather can be very dangerous. Take cover until the skies clear. Watch out for flying debris, falling branches and wear a bucket on your head to prevent damage to your done if it's hailing outside. 
• Tornado Watch- this means the atmospheric pressure is good enough for a potential tornado to hit the area. There may be some rotation in clouds in another area, where a severe thunderstorm is present.  This does NOT mean, one has been spotted, this does NOT mean drive like a maniac on the way to the store for bread and milk. 
This is usually followed in the springtime by a Severe Thunderstorm coming from the Texas area. (historically speaking)
• Tornado Warning- This means a tornado has been spotted, take shelter immediately. Usually high wind, heavy rain, dark greenish skies, large hail, thunder, lightening. Very dangerous. 

The best places for shelter in Your home: Bathtub with a mattress over you ( to protect your head), basement, storm cellar, inner most room in your home on the ground level away from windows and potential flying debris. 

Now, I am not a meteorologist. But, as I stated earlier, I grew up with this weather. We were prepared, Gary England was the greatest weather man in the universe everyone loved him and his fantastic insight on severe weather and tornado alley, where I call home. 

I just hope, in the future we here in the South take a deeper look at the weather, try to educate ourselves and our children and never forget the devastation that Tornadoes and severe weather may cause. 

30 June 2015

I'm not black, I'm not white. I am human.

Written January 19, 2015

I am not black. I am not white. 
I am me. 

In lieu of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I have been pondering his infamous speech. 

How would this world be different is he would have survived?

Would we as a nation be friends?
Would we as a nation enjoy helping others?
Would we as a nation live in perfect harmony without racism, discrimination, bullying and hatred?

My simple answer is, No. 

I am not an African American not am I a Mexican American or even and Indian American. 

My ethnicity is considered Caucasian. 

I am considered Caucasian because my skin is lighter than others. 

I have been told being Caucasian reaps many rewards. 
I must have missed that memo. 

I am a "white" middle-aged female. I have been bullied, discriminated against, spat on, turned away and called a plethora of slanderous names such as "trailer trash", "slut", "dumbass", "loser" and "gold digger". 
Were these statements true?
Of course not. 
But the mind is a powerful thing, when a person is repeatedly called such obscene things, they will believe it. 

I was once told, "you hang with dogs, you will get fleas". This statement was a metaphor spoken to me by my mother about childhood friends. 

As I have grown older, I have realized, that not only do we, as citizens of the great United States of America thrive on negativity, hatred and chaos we surround ourselves with it on a daily basis by choice. 

Not one person was born with a hateful persona, not one person was born racist, not one person was born being judgmental. 
All of these behaviors are learned by our surroundings. 

"Can't we all just get along", is a famous quote spoken by Rodney King after a severe beating he received by police officers that are supposed to serve and protect our great nation. 

Can we all just get along? 
The simple answer yet again is, No. 
We, as citizens legal or not of the United States of America cannot get along. 
This has been beaten (so to speak) into our heads from the dawning of our forefathers. 
We have been taught to judge, speak negatively, discriminate and slander those that anger us. 

Without chaos, there would be euphoria. With euphoria, people would be serene. Serenity would put those that provide protection, freedom and equality out of the job that they currently possess. 

The world thrives on chaos, watch the news for one hour. Then write down all positive things that were observed. 

This great nation of ours saddens me. My children, grandchildren and future generations have hard work ahead of them. 

 America is considered "land of the free, home of the brave"
Let's examine this statement. 
Land of the free: 
What in America is free? Education, religious preference, wearing clothing of choice, committing adultery, air, water....

Education is clearly at the top of my list for discussing freedom. 
Yes, we have the right to attend a public school. 
The downside is school uniforms, supplies, lunches, and fees are not free. 
Any child in America can attend a public school as long as the items mentioned above are taken care of. 
 If a child does not have the name brand uniform, school supplies and enough money to eat they will be bullied, called names and frowned upon. God forbid if they have parents that are gay, the child is over weight, under weight, they live in a trailer or buy their clothing from a thrift store. 
Freedom for education yes is free, but comes with severe consequences to our youth that will be bottled up and released during adulthood or puberty. 

We read and hear of school shootings, suicides of young children due to being bullied and abused children by teachers. 

This amuses our society, we blame the kids, the parents, the school, the administrators ect. This helps us bottle our anger, discrimination and racism until it involves a certain ethnicity, white, black, purple or yellow. It doesn't matter. 

We were taught at a young age to be rebellious, hate those that shun you, defend yourself even if it means punching someone in the face. 

So, no education is not free. 

The choosing of our religion or place of worship should be a place of refuge. But yet again, it is not. 

Yes, we are free to choose a place to worship. As other countries are not as fortunate. 
Yet we are not free to worship aloud or in public places as we may offend others with our beliefs. 

Wasn't this great nation built on God. "In God we trust" is scripted onto what we hold dear to our hearts, our money. 

Imagine entering a church and being looked down upon because you are homeless and the only clothing you have is ratty jeans and a T-shirt smelling of cigarette smoke and day old liquor. 
"Those without sin, cast the first stone". 
Yet, it's a common practice to be judged and looked down upon in church if you look like a bum, say a curse word or refuse to tithe. 

Religion is not free. 

Let's examine the second half of our nations motto: "Home of the brave."

Do I consider us as Americans in the general population to be brave?
My simple answer is, no. 

I'm not speaking of military, police officers or firemen. I am speaking of the general population of America. The "whites", "blacks" "Hispanics" and so on. 
Are we brave?
Think about this statement for a moment. 
Are you being brave by waking up in the morning? Are you brave when you go to work? Are you brave when you go shopping?

The home of the brave should be categorized to brave individuals such as the white woman teaching English as a second language in "the hood" of A busy metropolis. 
Brave is a person that helps others without any doubt. Paying forward a previous gift given by an unknown person. Braveness is helping a person out of a fire engulfed dwelling or saving a child from drowning putting yourself in harms way. 

Are we busy Americans as a general population, brave?
No, we are selfish, ego-filled, slanderous, self-righteous hypocrites that want, want, want never taking the time to help others, say thank you or perform any chivalrous action. 

We, as Americans should not be as we have learned to be. 

We do not need to be filled with such anger, greed and selfishness. 

We need to stop stereo-typing what we have been taught as wrong and ask ourselves, why?

I know what it's like to be hungry, broke and helpless. 

I know what it's like to feel as though the end is near. 

I have been stereo-typed, frowned upon and betrayed. 

But, I choose to overcome all stereo types. I will achieve great things without the negativity. I will teach my children to be fishers of men not because I was taught this but because it is right. I will be friends with "the gays", "trailer trash", "whores" and "blacks". 
I will not judge them because I do not know them. I have not walked in their shoes. 
I will help others without expecting something in return. 
I will give to those that need help. 
I will celebrate the life I was given and be proud to be me. 
I am not perfect but it only takes one person to make a difference, it only takes one thought to change the world. 
Blessed be the homeless, blessed be the blacks, blessed be the whites, blessed be the gays, blessed be everyone as we were all someone's baby. 

Those without sin, cast the first stone. 

One day, Martin Luther King, Jr's. Dream will come true and we all shall live in harmony. 

I hope I am alive to see it. 

I will continue to be me. 
What will you do?