Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Play castle clash

Hey, I'm playing Castle Clash! Come join me and let's kick some ass! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igg.castleclash

Autumn, winter and meloncoly

The days get colder as the months come to an end,

The reds, yellows, greens and browns empty the witch hand shaped woods,

The brisk wind swirls as mother Earth exhales awaiting a long sleep,

The chipmunks gather,

The birds sing the song of beauty and finality,

Mothers, sisters and friends gather, bundled up for outings of shopping and spending,

Fathers, Grandfathers and sons clad in forest green Camo, smelling of deer piss and coffee ready to kill the 12-point buck they had been vying all year. 

The transient bundled in thrift store patchwork clothing, pajamas and a Santa hat pushes her shopping cart along the road, talking to herself, she is missing a shoe, but nobody helps her. 

The sun begins to set,
The air gets colder,
The singing of the birds dissipates
And the houses light up


Some blink, some do not.

The giant snowmen gradually grows.

Reindeer turn there robotic heads in unison. 

Faint Mozart in the background can be heard. 

Smoke wisps out of chimney's as families return home. 

The transient watches, laughing to herself.
She shoves the stale biscuit into her mouth after she offers it to nothing beside her. 

The sky is dark. 
The day is over. 

Winter is near. 

Monday, October 17, 2016


Sunday, September 18, 2016

IUD, not IED. Birth Control.

Do you know what an IUD is?

Many do not.

An IUD is an intrauterine device inserted in the uterus of a female to prevent pregnancy.

There are many types of IUD's
Check out this website:

And this one.


Happy parenting.

Medicating children: Read labels

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Medicating children: Read labels

Many parents are over dosing their kids, study says.

1. Always read labels 
2. Syringe dosage is the golden tool
3. Weigh your child. 
4. Observe your child after administering medication.


Blah, blah and a little more blah

Blah vs. Blah

Have you ever looked at your television and instantly wanted to throw it out the window?

I have.

I rarely, if ever, watch television for this particular reason.

Drama, BS and lies.

Arguing, Debates and Money.

Democrats vs. Republicans
Rich vs. Poor
Black vs. White
Coke vs. Pepsi


Who gives a shit?
I don't. 
Why must we endure this idiot infused bullshit?

Because we ARE stupid. 
Because we ARE obese. 
Because we ARE lazy.

Everyone has an opinion. 
Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. ( I apologize in advance if you do not have an asshole-- if you don't personally have an ass Hole or sphincter you probably ARE an asshole, again my apologies to everyone you know)

These are my opinions, if you do not like them well, move along.

I am not anti-television or anti-coke or Pepsi or any of the other names I dropped, I am anti-lazy, anti-drama-encrusted, anti-moron.

I'm tired of parents being lazy and blaming teachers, ADD, or their own children.

**Parents: Newsflash**
Get off your ass and spend time with your children. 
Quit blaming others for your mistakes. 
Quit demanding your children to do things for you.


Want your children to behave?
How about practicing what you preach.

Want your children to be respectful?
Look at yourself and how you treat authority.

** End of News flash **

Just in case, you reading this may be confused and unable to conjure up ideas of your own to spend time with your children.

Here you go.

**FREE: Fun things to do**

1. Go outside- Open the door and walk outside.

2. Go for a hike. 

3. Go collect rocks. 

4. Go Geocaching. 

5. Volunteer. 

You are welcome. 
Now go do something. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Not a cool kid

Not a Cool Kid

As I look at today's generation of children, and back at my generation during adolescence through High School, I am saddened.
What happened to being a kid?
What happened to Adults taking care of the Adulting and children being able to be children?

Have we as parents really become "that" parent? Or those "parent's"?

The parents that overcompensate due to having a restricted or overly spoiled childhood?

Which has resulted in our children being spoiled, disrespectful and hateful.
These children do not understand the value of a dollar nor do they care to learn.
Instead of earning whatever the latest fad product may be, or buying it with their own money they beg and plead until one of two things happen:

1. The parent gives in because they are tired of listening to the child begging.

2. The child throws a fit, cops attitude, starts crying ane runs to the other parent to stress how "mean" you just were to them. (The child then gets double what ever it was that they wanted because parents do not communicate with each other it's only through the children.This is a typical broken family (historically speaking)

I never had the opportunity to be a spoiled brat, nor did I care to be a spoiled brat. I was often jealous of others and their belongings or stability or whatnot.
I watched people I went to school with, they really were pretty, but brainless and spoiled. (For the most part)

I grew up in a small town.
A REALLY small town.
We had a Walmart.
One Walmart, a K-Mart (about 45 mins away), Expensive boutiques, (which our family could never afford)  and a mall in "The City".

I never visited these places until high School and into adulthood.

I was made fun of throughout childhood because of the clothing I wore, the family I came from, and the social status in which my family kept.

"Trailer Trash"
"Druggie Girl"

Terminology often heard in hushed whispers or written on the bathroom walls.

The point of this particular blog is to reminisce of my childhood and analyse why children are behaving in the manner that they are.

Now, that I am an adult i have realized the following:

Understanding the value of a dollar makes a lot more sense when you do not have one.

I realize that happiness is not bought but self-made. Though children (mine especially) like to accuse parents of this frequently.

I understand that true friends are present in ones life always. They are not around  24/7 but are present when needed.

I understand my children do not like me, thats ok. I know I  am doing a great job parenting if they dislike me, most of the time.

When I was a little kid, I couldn't wait to be an adult to make my own rules, buy my own stuff ect. I realize now that Adulting sucks.

I want my children to be children as long as possible, without having fear, without being spoiled and without peanut gallery comments stated to belittle or demean them or their parents.

But who am I?
I am not a cool kid.

Friday, September 16, 2016

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