11 July 2017

Life as a cat

Life as a cat.

Do you ever wonder about how life would be different if we were all cats?

Cats (housecats) are amazing creatures.
They love unconditionally.
They find interest in the smallest things i.e. a piece of paper, cardboard box, a lightening bug ECT.
They are simple and have very little needs.
Food, Shelter and Love.

Humans and Felines are quite similar, if one was to break down the schematics of both lives.

We as humans, choose to dive into problems, chaos, drama, unneeded material items ECT.


Is this a learnt behavior?

I watched my cat (kitten) climb a huge Dogwood tree today.
She didn't hesitate.
She wasn't scared.
She didn't stand at the bottom and debate the potential risks.

She just climbed the tree.
Explored the tree.
Are a couple of leaves and climbed down.

How peaceful it must be to be a cat.

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