21 August 2016

Quality vs insanity

Good afternoon, good evening and morning...

My life as most would say has not been easy.
I am the atypical stereotype female, most would say.
Broken family, missing father, younger siblings, working single mother, bad grades, bad attitude, constant judgement by ones that shouldn't.

Blah, blah, blah

I am an adult now.
My life has drastically changed for better and worse.
Life cycles evolve, people change
Loved ones dissappear and new friends are made

The past is the past.
I have forgiven, but will never forget.

Certain scents, sounds and places fill my emotional psyche to a plethora of feelings internally and externally.
I have realized this is the way of the mind.

The mind is powerfully made.
The mind is a mother board of information in which we only access pieces and bits.

Why is this?

Do we choose getting today over as our goal?
We have evolved into 4 process robotic zombies.

Process 1. open our eyes- damn, still alive...
Process 2. Commence repetitive daily routine
Process 3. Retire daily routine
Process 4. Close eyes- pray for a better day

I state these witnessed facts as an observation of human life.

Am I guilty of acting on the Robotic Zombie Process, most definitely.

Do I strive today to be, do, act and persevere as though I am able to achieve all of my goals, hopes and dreams, most definitely.

Life is short.
Stress is high.

To be happy is a choice.
To not sweat the small stuff, is a choice.
To take baby steps in life to "stop and smell the roses" is a choice.
To act out in a classless and tactless manner due to a negative experience is a choice.

What choices will I make today to improve my quality of life?

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