17 October 2016

Blah, blah and a little more blah

Blah vs. Blah

Have you ever looked at your television and instantly wanted to throw it out the window?

I have.

I rarely, if ever, watch television for this particular reason.

Drama, BS and lies.

Arguing, Debates and Money.

Democrats vs. Republicans
Rich vs. Poor
Black vs. White
Coke vs. Pepsi


Who gives a shit?
I don't. 
Why must we endure this idiot infused bullshit?

Because we ARE stupid. 
Because we ARE obese. 
Because we ARE lazy.

Everyone has an opinion. 
Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. ( I apologize in advance if you do not have an asshole-- if you don't personally have an ass Hole or sphincter you probably ARE an asshole, again my apologies to everyone you know)

These are my opinions, if you do not like them well, move along.

I am not anti-television or anti-coke or Pepsi or any of the other names I dropped, I am anti-lazy, anti-drama-encrusted, anti-moron.

I'm tired of parents being lazy and blaming teachers, ADD, or their own children.

**Parents: Newsflash**
Get off your ass and spend time with your children. 
Quit blaming others for your mistakes. 
Quit demanding your children to do things for you.


Want your children to behave?
How about practicing what you preach.

Want your children to be respectful?
Look at yourself and how you treat authority.

** End of News flash **

Just in case, you reading this may be confused and unable to conjure up ideas of your own to spend time with your children.

Here you go.

**FREE: Fun things to do**

1. Go outside- Open the door and walk outside.

2. Go for a hike. 

3. Go collect rocks. 

4. Go Geocaching. 

5. Volunteer. 

You are welcome. 
Now go do something. 

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