14 December 2016

So it was...

The life as it once was ...
No longer exists.

The aroma of fresh linens, baby powder and fresh air dissipates as the minutes tick...

New words, smiles and giggles
Are replaced with crayon drawings and fruit loop necklaces.

Mama replaced with C-A-T and C-A-R.

Pudgy rolls upon the legs of the new, form into muscle and the newness has faded...

No longer 2t, 5t or Juniors...

Muscles stretch and lengthen,
As bones grow.

Learning sounds and singing the ABC's gradually become Lol's and WTF's.

Birthday invitations, football games and play dates become fewer and fewer...

Smiles and giggles are gone.
Eye rolls and secrets become an unwelcome intruder.

Speaking together and family time, game night disappears with the ticking of the clock.

Faces become faint memories.
Hugs remembered with tears.

The scent of sweat, dirty boy and bonding is gone...
Replaced with saltiness, empty and lonely.

Times past are just a memory.
Memories hold the pieces together.

Nothing left to be broken.

The bird cannot fly without its wings.

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