08 September 2015

Why America is not the greatest country on Earth.

I am, at times, ashamed to be an American.

Jeff Daniels, hit the nail on the head. 

What happened to our country?

Our newest fad: "Black Lives Matter"
News flash: ALL lives matter. 
•red •orange •yellow •black •brown •green •white •ivory
•homeless, barely sheltered, living moderately, middle class, upper class. 
•single families, married families, mixed families. 
•the "crazy", the sane, those suffering and those reaping. 
•police officers, juvenile delinquents, teachers, children, pastors, civilians, military, politicians. 
•lesbian, straight, transgender, bisexuals, gay


We are all people. 
It's called the human race. 
Although it's not a race, we are all human. 

As time goes by, society changes. 
New laws are passed. 
New rules are enforced. 
New public officials are elected. 

What happened to our country?
What happened to respecting your fellow man?

It's so very frustrating to live in a country fueled by hatred, negativity and nonsense. 

If you look back 30 years the society we live in today would not be as so. 
Children had manners, they were taught right from wrong. 
Children were spanked when they needed it, "Spare the rod, Spoil the child" 

But, these days we abide by the rules OUR children make, dare we speak an ill word to them to teach them right from wrong  or raise a hand to their disrespectful mouth.

Parents, Americans, Teachers, baby boomers, What are we going to do about this?

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