16 April 2016

Supporting the "Gay" community

To the ones that spread hatred towards the LGBT community. 

I support anyone involved within the community. I also despise those spread hatred. So, here's my Insight and thoughts on the subject  from a non-gay white girl perspective. 

-Don't be afraid of what others think. 
-Our higher power made you who you are today. (not sure if you are Christian so please don't take offense) 
Embrace that. 
-It takes courage to stand up and reveal that you are a Homosexual, bisexual, transgender, lesbian ect. 
-You are very courageous in many ways. 
-Be unique. 
-Be yourself. 
-Don't let others take away your happiness. 
-If your neighbors, "friends", co-workers, family ect. interfere, call the police. 
-Your personal business is not their business and vice versa. You have rights. 

Here is a simple remedy to alleviate your stressors. 
-I would do is type a letter to said individual using verbiage below. 

Dear (name):

As you may know, I am a LGBT individual. My boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife,  significant other is As well. 

Please be aware of this, as you continue to berate me, discriminate against me, destroy my property and attempt to humiliate me. I have rights as an American citizen, I am free to love whom I choose, as well as being entitled to freedom of speech. 

 If you insist upon making a mockery of yourself, please exit my life, move, or talk to the wall. As these negative and hate-filled comments are discriminating and hurt me, which I am sure is your purpose. 

I do not appreciate your negativity and hatred towards me and the community I am currently involved within. 

I'm certain, you hold skeletons in your closet or secrets as well. 
I was brave enough to reveal mine. 

Your continued harassment and guile will not be tolerated and I will be forced to file legal charges against you if it continues. 

"Those without sin, cast the first stone."
Wishing Happiness, peace and love
Your horrible gay neighbor. 

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