19 February 2016

Wage Gaping: Myth or Fact part 1

Wage Gap: Male vs. Female Part I

Most people report that they believe they are paid wages similar to those of the opposite sex. 
Statistical surveyed studies prove that the Wage Gap controversy between men and women is  considerable due to problems within the workplace, dedication, attention to detail, innovative thinking and physical attributes (required for particular positions) and the infamous "don't ask, don't tell" (unofficial policy of sharing wages or salaries with co-workers.) Lest we forget generalities of human nature and learnt perception from early childhood to adulthood. 

Case Studies & Surveys:
These two generalized accounts do not add the general major factors when determining raises and reviews. Top reasoning surveyed accounting for problems in the workplace:
1. Missing Work
2. Working Overtime
3. Dangerous working conditions 

Statistics show:

  •  Men spend more time at work, they are 60% more likely to die at work and  choose educations in fields that are classically "manly" such as mathematics or engineering. 
  • While Women spend less time at work, are family focused and choose education in Humanities, Communication and Marketing. 
Though, over the years there has been an occupational shift resulting in tremendous Wage Gaping. 

General wants and Needs:
I believe the gender pay debate boils down to what people want in general. If one wants a more comfortable job, or one that does not stress the brain/body so much, then a lower pay is to be expected.

I believe some (not most) men are willing to risk more, than women to get ahead, which tends to make them more pragmatic, harder working and less focused on family/social activities while women are more pragmatic in other aspects of life, like procreation and family/home construction, which contrasts with risk taking. Therefore determining that a man works harder than a woman and deserves more money than she. 

Apples to Oranges
Pay gap studies do not compare engineers to social workers. Generally, what statistics  fail to consider is basic social conditioning that we're all exposed to from childhood onward.

  • Women tend to settle for comfy jobs and don't do "real" work as indicated by several Harvard studies indicating that a man's quality of work is inherently better than a woman's. 
It's the same perception that many people in society share, and that's why when an employer goes to pay his or her workers, they often subconsciously pay a female employee less compared to a male counterpart. 

  • The inverse can also happen in fields where women are perceived as the natural workers. In humanities, the man will often be paid less. 

Overall Wage Gap suffrage:
Across the World, most to all genders agree that it is more common for women to suffer from the wage gap than men. It's rarely intentional, but this type of snap judging is happening all the time subconsciously. This is why the Gender Pay controversy and its transparency over salaries, becomes a topic of debate. 

Don't ask, Don't Tell
Most employees themselves can determine whether or not their pay is fair in comparison to their co-workers. This is why the employer states "Do not share your salary with your co-workers" 
Most would like to trust that they are making the same rate without knowing for sure, though most do not adhere and fail to follow the proper "don't ask, don't tell" salary policy within their company. Which is human nature and curiosity kills the cat. When addressing pay inequality it is beneficial to both men and women because pay disparity happens to everyone depending upon the field of choice. Regardless of educational experience, qualifications and seniority. 

Engineering and Sciences:
Men are perceived as inherently better in Mathematics and Science, boys are encouraged at young ages to pursue these fields while women are pushed more towards the humanities or administrative fields. 
Taking into consideration social conditioning and societal construction the entire field of psychology is diminished and the debate is over. Nobody wins.

Life moves on. 

Capabilities: Men vs. Women
Men and women are equally capable of most tasks, although American women are  generally not encouraged to go into engineering and science and thus they do not pursue the fundamentals required to obtain similar opportunities and build up the skill set required. During the last 10 years, women and men have exceeded expectations, changed and evolved from the once gender-specific roles in which they were encouraged to disengage from due to various factors. Peer influence, cultural upbringings, educational background and the initial perception of society that we all carry from birth.

"Men Hunt, Women have babies."

Our gender does not determine our self value, our intelligence nor does it determine our future occupation, current occupation or our destiny.

Our gender basics have been taught from birth, passed from Generation to Generation.

For Example:
Boys 1950's-Present
Little boys historically are given toy guns, allowed to get dirty and collect bugs.
Collect plastic army men, GI Joes and baseball cards.
Open doors for women and girls and elderly.
Taught to be chivalrous and stand up for what they believe in.
Boys are taught to be tough and not cry.
Be the protector and "whoop some ass", if they feel the need.
Learn to hunt, because that's a real man.

Girls 1950's-Present
While the little girls were taught to wear dresses, curl their hair, always be proper.
The girls were never taught to hunt, allowed to play in the dirt, or with plastic army men.
They were given Barbies, dolls and costumes to play dress-up, an easy-bake-oven to cook.
Instilled in their brains they would be mothers, housewives and nurses.
Taught that danger is for the boys and fixing the problems of others is a priority.
These basics are learnt from birth:
Read an old magazine, the proof is in the pudding as they say.
It's nature (Men) versus (Women) nurture. 
Thus, the reasoning behind the gender swapping change and diverse employment spread through the sexes. We are all unique. We have our own brains and it took us 50 years to realize it.
For this same reason we Americans as a whole are pushing for equal treatment of men and women, so that the same opportunities will present themselves to both genders now and in the future for all people red, white, black, gay, straight. 

Physical Differences: 
Scientific studies show: Men's brains are better with math and spatial reasoning and hands on tasks, while women's brains lean more towards language, communication and fine motor skills.
Science- Our DNA, our socioeconomic status, and Education ultimately determines the way that men and women develop and which skill sets are dominant.   

Internal and External differences:
Men and women are different.
Both physically and mentally.
Size, strength, and balance are a few examples of the physical side.
Mentally men and women have completely different brains.
The average male brain is 10% larger, and contains more grey matter, while women contain more white matter. 
The different areas of the brain, and they way they are developed differ quite dramatically ultimately determining the career path, education and skills needed for the career of choice.
Although times are changing, occupations between sexes are becoming more and more diverse alas causing the increase in Wage gaping. 

Final statement: 
The Gender wage gap is not a myth, it is hardcore fact. Judging a potential employee is human nature.
"Always make a good first impression".
One of many common statements we are taught as young children. 

Ultimately, Men and women are going to be judged based on their gender, and the general bias of who is more capable to get the job done, life is unfair like that sometimes, it is human nature. 
Human nature is instinctual, and rightfully so, as it is backed up by many scientific studies and will likely continue for years to come. 

Peace, love & Happiness

16 February 2016

More than you can handle?

As I write this I ponder the world around me, advice I have been given and how I can change the chaos that surrounds me.
I can't, I can only control myself.

I have been through several life changing events within my entire life.

It's been said, "God will not give you more than you can handle" and "Everything happens for a reason". 

These two statements, are very powerful.

1 Corinthians: 10:13
Women's Devotional Bible (NIV)

"No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is Faithful, he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it."

My interpretation: 
I believe this actual scripture involves temptation, not tribulations. 
I do believe things happen due to free will, succumbing to sin and leaving God, not putting him first and not thinking before acting or just being a victim of circumstance.  
Life is not fair. 
Life is more of a game than just black and white. 
Things happen, good and bad. 
Things happen to everyone. 
Rich, Poor, Old, New, Gay, Straight ect. 
Sometimes we survive and sometimes we do not. 
I believe that the way you handle yourself when going through a valley of despair ultimately determines your character. 
Humbling yourself and asking for help, praying, helping others, and living the Golden Rule will help move one from the valley back to the mountain. 

My second topic: 
"Everything happens for a reason." This actual quote was stated by Aristotle in his early years. 
"The well-known Greek Philosopher Aristotle, believed that everything happens for a reason, always. And that every experience in your life, was designed to shape you and reform you into the ultimate and greatest version, that could ever imagine yourself to be. The only thing that prevents this, is having the wisdom to see it."

We are all human, we all have free will and we all go through valleys and mountains. 
Try to think positive. 
Know that wherever you are in life, someone is doing worse than you. 
Be thankful. 
Send encouraging thoughts to someone else, this will refresh them and relieve your pain. 

My challenge to you: (pick 1 or many)
1. Buy someone a coffee today.
2. Pay for their newspaper
3. Send an actual piece of mail to someone, let them know you are thinking of them. 
4. Call someone and tell them you love them. 
5. Smile at someone. 
6. Let that person in front of you while you are driving. 
7. Smile at yourself. 
8. Make a funny face to a child. 
9. Put up trash on the road. 
10. Pass out homeless bags. 

Peace, love and happiness. 

12 February 2016

Men are human.

Men: They are human too. 

February 12, 2016

Today I was reading my "Women's Devotional Bible", Proverbs 12.
I came across a short devotional written by: Nancy Corbett Cole. As I read this devotional I had an epiphany, I am guilty of deprecating humor at my husbands expense. 
I have never really thought that me, "enjoying to make my husband blush" was deprecating. 
It never really even ever came to mind. 
In society and in childhood we as women are taught that men are ego-filled, sexual, over-worked individuals and that if they cry or have any sense of emotion they are weak. 
This is clearly a false statement. 
Men, are human. 
They have feelings. 
They hurt, they get embarrassed, they have an overwhelming sense of potential failure to family, friends and employers, they are tender yet keep a strong she'll to cover all I said above. 

We, as women tend to treat men as if they do not have these problems or feelings. 
We learned this from adolescence and have carried it into adulthood. 
"He can handle it, He's a man, It doesn't bother him" common statements I myself have thought. 
These statements are so very false, men have feelings. The validity of my adolescent and current thoughts of men have been extremely humiliating. 
Not intentional or spitefully, but laughing whilst he cringed inside, I never realized how I could be damaging my relationship as well as my children's potentional outlook on life. 

Wow, how immature, unloving and humiliating I have been. 

Being a woman, I have never put myself into the mental shoes of a man and thought, "I may be hurting his (my significant others) feelings. 
This never occurred to me. Not once. 

I have been envious of men, yearning to be treated equally, paid equally and treated like a woman. 

Though I have never thought of the feelings, thoughts or possible hurt that men go through on a daily basis. 

I am quite ashamed of myself. 
I feel quite selfish and less understanding when I always thought that gaining a laugh at my significant others expense would be helpful. When in all reality, I was harming him more than helping. 

Men are human.
Living, breathing mammals. 
Keepers of the home. 
Those are huge tasks. 
Probably more overwhelming, than one may think. 

Take a moment today to apologize to the man in your life. 
Listen to them. 
Empathize with them. 
Understand they are human too. 

A great scripture verse that would reiterate my thought process would be:
Proverbs 12:18
"Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing."

Grab your significant other and tell them, I am sorry.