12 February 2016

Men are human.

Men: They are human too. 

February 12, 2016

Today I was reading my "Women's Devotional Bible", Proverbs 12.
I came across a short devotional written by: Nancy Corbett Cole. As I read this devotional I had an epiphany, I am guilty of deprecating humor at my husbands expense. 
I have never really thought that me, "enjoying to make my husband blush" was deprecating. 
It never really even ever came to mind. 
In society and in childhood we as women are taught that men are ego-filled, sexual, over-worked individuals and that if they cry or have any sense of emotion they are weak. 
This is clearly a false statement. 
Men, are human. 
They have feelings. 
They hurt, they get embarrassed, they have an overwhelming sense of potential failure to family, friends and employers, they are tender yet keep a strong she'll to cover all I said above. 

We, as women tend to treat men as if they do not have these problems or feelings. 
We learned this from adolescence and have carried it into adulthood. 
"He can handle it, He's a man, It doesn't bother him" common statements I myself have thought. 
These statements are so very false, men have feelings. The validity of my adolescent and current thoughts of men have been extremely humiliating. 
Not intentional or spitefully, but laughing whilst he cringed inside, I never realized how I could be damaging my relationship as well as my children's potentional outlook on life. 

Wow, how immature, unloving and humiliating I have been. 

Being a woman, I have never put myself into the mental shoes of a man and thought, "I may be hurting his (my significant others) feelings. 
This never occurred to me. Not once. 

I have been envious of men, yearning to be treated equally, paid equally and treated like a woman. 

Though I have never thought of the feelings, thoughts or possible hurt that men go through on a daily basis. 

I am quite ashamed of myself. 
I feel quite selfish and less understanding when I always thought that gaining a laugh at my significant others expense would be helpful. When in all reality, I was harming him more than helping. 

Men are human.
Living, breathing mammals. 
Keepers of the home. 
Those are huge tasks. 
Probably more overwhelming, than one may think. 

Take a moment today to apologize to the man in your life. 
Listen to them. 
Empathize with them. 
Understand they are human too. 

A great scripture verse that would reiterate my thought process would be:
Proverbs 12:18
"Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing."

Grab your significant other and tell them, I am sorry.

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