14 December 2015

Life is the fire filled sky

What do you think when you see this photo?
Do you think of God's greatness and his beautiful creations?

Do you wonder how the sky lights the way it does?

Do you wonder why with all the pain in the world beauty prevails?

Do you wonder why this photo was taken?

Do you wonder why fire of the sky is so breathtaking? 

Wonder is a small bit of child-like qualities we still possess as adults. 

Like playing pretend or have an imaginary friend.

Being happy, being filled with wonder and hope and happiness is lost somewhere when adulthood begins. 

We become overwhelmed with life, bills, money and stress. 

When did we lose ourselves.
When do we think being an adult is supposed to be filled with negativity and constant berating, self-hate, negative self-talk and the swirling life we live instead of being happy. 

What happened to happiness?
What happened to wonder?
What happened to our childhood mysteries and open minds?

Life changed us. 
Hate has changed us. 
Inequality has changed us. 
Race has changed us. 
Politics has changed us. 
Sin has changed us. 
Money has changed us. 
Chaos has changed us. 

I hope in the end, when all is said and done, six feet under- as our soul rises we become super heroes and fly through the sky peacefully without pain, without stress, without changes, just wonder and happiness. 

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