05 May 2016

Self Improvement? Society.

As I sit and ponder philosophical ideals and ways to improve myself, I have determined the following: I am unique, I am a dreamer and I am honest.
I consider myself to be a Optimist Realist.

I like to observe others, I try to be careful NOT to speak my mind when I observe rather absurd behavior or unequal treatments.
(Those filter things most people have, I lack.
I'm on the patch, and working on holding my tongue.)

Suburb city park, midday. Approximately 1:30pm

Shopping centers, High end car detailing, lawyers offices, transients, mom's dressed to the 9's and children wearing clothing they have never worn before.

5 mothers approached the park with their children wearing what appeared to be brand new light colored clothing. (Not ideal for a muddy, germy park), passing by a man playing a guitar, yanking their children away from him as if he may attack them.  I recognized one of the mothers.
She walked over wearing a pencil skirt and heels and attempted to make pleasantries. (Fail)
As she walked back to her play group or socialite club (whatever it may be) I have concluded the following:

Most people are fake: I do not mean the literal version of fake (unless you have the narcissus as a friend) but the internal and external everyday actions of people. The general population from my perspective is selfish, self-absorbed, keeping up with the Jones' , money loving liars.
People ask how your day is, they really do not want an answer it's a learnt behavior. 
Wake-up calls for the egocentric and bad decision makers are non-exsistant and they tend to care only of themselves. Unless....
Helping a person may reward them with money and/or other selfishly wanted item.
This is the only way to get these specimens out of their own needs and wants.
Of course, these are my observations of a group of 5 women. 

What do you think?

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